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Wiesbaden Bars

Wiesbaden Bars – What you should know

Most times when a Ruby Escort client meets his Wiesbaden escort for the first time, it’s normal for the client to request to hang out in a bar with his new companion, probably have a drink together and get to know a bit about each other before anything else. A healthy conversation between a client and his escort goes a long way to make them feel comfortable with each other and build some kind of bond which will make their date to be livelier and more exciting. Wiesbaden has several cozy bars which provides the perfect atmosphere for hanging out with an escort in Wiesbaden. Here is a list of some recommended bars which we are positive our clients will love.

Manoamano Bar

The Manoamano Bar is known to be one of the best bars in Wiesbaden. The quality of their cocktails, customer service, and everything else is top notch. Apart from the classic cocktails available in this bar, they also have the Amato Gin which is also a special in-house treat for Wiesbaden bars customers. The prices here might be a little bit on the high side for an average earner Wiesbaden bars. However, you will get high quality and value for every dime you spend in the Manoamano Bar.

They make tasty cocktails so it is not surprising why there is usually a rush during the weekends. Finding an empty sit in this bar on weekends can sometimes be a hassle. Go here with your escort in Wiesbaden and you will most likely have smiles on your face when heading out.

Address: Taunusstraße 31, 65183 Wiesbaden

Phone: 0611 17245818

Website: http://manoamano-bar.de

Momo’s Bar

Momo’s Bar location is in the heart of the city and has an affordable menu of good food and drinks. The atmosphere of this bar can be described as classic and cozy. Looking like a cocktail-only bar from outside, Momo’s Bar has a fine selection of Red wines too, which are served with beautiful glasses. The surrounding of this bar is serene and the rest rooms are neat too.

Momo’s Bar surely deserves this recommendation from us because it is indeed a great place to go to with your escort in Wiesbaden. The prices here are moderate while service delivery is very commendable.

Address: Karl-Glässing-Straße 5, 65183 Wiesbaden

Phone: 0611 45047353

Website: http://www.momos-bar.de

Cuban Bar

We can’t do without recommending the Cuban Bar to our esteemed Wiesbaden bars clients. This Wiebsaden bars is exclusive and made for men with great taste. From tasty delicious meals, to having an extremely friendly staff, and outstanding service delivery, the Cuban Bar is unique and a great place to go with your Wiesbaden escort. This bar offers tasty cocktails among a variety of other food and drinks, all at mouth-watering prices. The atmosphere in this bar is lovely and graced with sophisticated decor.

Besides all we already mentioned about the Cuban Bar, the live music here is another incentive in place to thrill guests.

Address: Emser Str. 44, 65195 Wiesbaden

Phone: 0611 18190813

Website: http://www.cubanbar.de

Lenzinger Bar

Lenz Wiesbaden is a perfect place to chill, listen to music, drink and get into an exhibition. The bar itself is named genuine because of how unique it is from design, drinks to events. Everyday is scheduled for a new event, so this place will never be boring. It’s completely clean. You might also want to check out their daily event in podcast and facebook.

Lenzinger Bar Wiesbaden is definitely a great place to hang out with your friends or escort Wiesbaden. Such a recommended bar for it’s service and genuine cocktail recipes.

Address: Wagemannstraße 17, 65183 Wiesbaden

Phone: 0611 88003931

Website: http://www.lenz-wiesbaden.de