One way you can spice up your time with your escort is when you talk dirty escort with her. Before you do that, you need to have an idea first on how to start the talk without being offensive. In this way, you can come up with a good strategy and end the night with a satisfying sex between the two of you. Here are easy to follow steps on how you can talk dirty with your escort:

1. Start talking about it casually to talk dirty escort.

When you are out with your escort why not ask her like, “I heard on a magazine that women do not like to talk dirty when having sex, is it true?” This would be a good way to open up the conversation to know whether your escort is up for it or not.

2. Texting sexy messages is a good start.

There is something with sexting that make it far more comfortable than doing it for real especially if
you are still gauging your escort’s preference when it comes to dirty talk. Why not start with that, and when you both are into it, then you can escalate it to dirty talk when having sex.

3. Let her be the leader.

So, you have already established that she is into dirty talk and then, you are doing the deed. This is
where you can test it all out and see how she responds to it. You can start by saying, “I can not wait to see your naked body”, “It feels good touching you”, and so on. These are simple yet inoffensive. Pay attention to her body language as to say these words. When your escort is leaning towards you, or breathing heavily, then continue what you are doing.

4. Tone it all down.

The thing with dirty talk is that you do need to tone it all down. Be sure you keep it light at the same
time playful. When you look at her and she seemed turned off, you can joke and talk dirty escort around and simply say:

“Am I doing it too far? Oops! Sorry, you are so freaking hot my brain is not working!” This would make you both laugh, and then you can proceed with the normal course of action on the sex part.

5. Widen your vocabulary with adjectives

If you are the type of person who is quite unsure whether what you are doing is leading towards the
right direction, you can always make use of adjectives such as wet, tight, hot, hard, and deep, and so
on. The more adjectives you know and use, the better. It could only mean you are well-adept to dirty
talk without having to be offensive.

6. Don’t be bossy!

This is the thing when it comes to dirty talk, talking is different than bossing. Not unless, you both have discussed it prior to doing it that you are going to boss around, then it’s a thumbs up. However, if there was no talk at all, it does pay off to not to boss her around. This is to keep the atmosphere light and still on the zone.

7. Avoid the words slut, bitch or whore!

Yes, do avoid using these three words. You just never know what history your talk dirty escort has with these words, you might offend her. Be a gentleman on bed and never attempt to make use of them when doing a dirty talk.

At the end of day, it is all about preference. Be sure you know from the start what is her preference.
This will make a man out of you and not a boy who just want sex from an escort Wiesbaden. Please her and you
will also be pleased on bed.