Are you ready to have a freaky night with your attractive escort? If you are then, read what we have in store for you and see which one of these you can apply right away in bed with her!

Want to be more adventurous in bed? Check out what we have enlisted for you which you can surely do without any sweat and make your attractive escort want to have more with you.

1. Let The Whip Out attractive escort

Tell your attractive escort that you will be her slave for the night. Give her a whip and let her make use of it because you are a bad boy and you need to be slap at because of that. Also, let her bite you so hard wherever she wants to on your body. Let your escorts animalistic side be released out of the wild with you. Of course, you can also take revenge and bite her even more. The more intense the bites are the more erotic it would be for both of you.

2. Hot Wax

There is something with pain that makes sex even much spicier. The brain interprets pain as pleasure. So, the hot wax will do wonders for both of you. Thus, get a red or black candle, and let the dripping begin! You can drip the wax on the back of your attractive escort or on her chest. To make it more exciting blindfold her so that she has no idea as to what you are going to do. This will add more intensity to you doing the foreplay.

3. Domination!

There is something with being dominated or dominating a person especially when it comes to sex. Let your escort wear a pair of black leather boots which will go all the way to her thighs, tie her up with a black ribbon or rope, with nothing but a thong and black bra on. Your attractive escort should sit on the chair, open her legs wide, while you are torturing her with your whip, words, or both. You are the boss so you can do whatever you want with her with this freaky adventure.

4. Use A Remote Control Toy

If TV uses a remote control to switch to one channel to another, why not use a remote control to switch from one sensation towards another with your escort. Play with her and you are in control of the sensation she will be feeling without you having to touch her. How's that? For sure, she would be more wet and ready for you to have sex with her.

5. Two More Please!

If you are used to using one finger with a woman, why not add two more fingers? Yes, this can be more challenging for you and for her as well. It will lead to a more freaky yet enjoyable sex between you and your chosen escort.

End the night with a bang by giving your escort the ultimate orgasm that she has never had for the
longest time. For sure, it will make her want you more than you wanting her more. Turn the tables
around, who knows she will return the favor the next time you are going to book her.